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About Hassan

I have been a fan of Arabic Calligraphy since my teen years. I vividly remember when we received that elegant invitation card to a famous calligrapher’s art show one day. His work on the cover instantly mesmerized me to the extent that I wanted to replicate it, and I did start that project, but quickly realized that I had a long way before I could produce something that had that kind of elegance and charm. After a couple of years of trying on my own, I sought the leading calligrapher in town, Calligrapher Ahmad AlZahab, to teach me this rare art. I learned from him the Ruk3a and Naskh. The remaining fonts I self-taught over the next 2 decades.

 Calligraphy to me is a means to show the beauty and/or emphasize the meaning of a Qur’anic verse, part of a verse, a prophetic saying, or words of wisdom. And when I embark on a painting, I rarely know upfront what the final product will look like. Solving that “puzzle” of how best to assemble the words together, how big the work should be, and what colors to use is a labor of love, but the end product is always very rewarding. I thank ALLAH SWT for gifting me with this talent, and thank my family for supporting me throughout this journey.

 I invite you to take a look at my website. It showcases some of my earlier work, and more recent art pieces.


The Process

 The process of developing these paintings is a multi-step process that aims at developing unique calligraphy art. The process almost always starts with a verse of the Quran, a prophetic saying or words of wisdom that touch my heart to the extent that I strongly feel should be emphasized in calligraphy art that shows how beautiful and profound these words are. With this urge to express, I rarely have a clear vision at the beginning of this process of what the final product will look like. I usually start with sketching the phrase using different calligraphy fonts (Koufi, Ruk’aa, Naskh, etc…). Once I decide on a specific font, the next step is designing the surrounding decoration (zakh’rafa). The final step is deciding on the colors for the painting. This last step often involves multiple attempts, sometimes in the tens of times, to find the right combination of colors that fits the meaning. Because of all of this, many hours go into each piece of calligraphy; however, the end product is always something beyond my expectations!